Lanteri Partners Group offers
a range of advisory services
that add value to your business and,
therefore, to your personal wealth.

Business Advisory

Lanteri Partners offers a range of advisory services that add value to your business and, therefore, to your personal wealth.

Our aim is to help you establish, grow, manage and exit your business while benefiting you personal financial situation. The effort you devote to your business should be rewarded and reflected in your personal financial wealth.

Our SME specialists have a detailed and up-to-date understanding of business and personal accounting and taxation regulations and obligations, including strategies for separating and protecting business and personal assets.

We combine our extensive knowledge of business structure, accounting and taxation with a real understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing business – from the day-to-day operational issues to the big questions of business improvement, wealth creation and succession planning.

Our approach is to develop a comprehensive understanding of what you do and how you do it and to understand your financial position, resource use and operational issues. A dedicated consultant works closely with you to develop a business and action plan and, importantly, helps you to implement the plan. We monitor your plan frequently so we can respond to any changes, issues or opportunities.

Business advisory services include:

  • Business establishment
  • Business finance
  • Business health checks
  • Performance improvement plans
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Implementing, monitoring and reviewing plans
  • Business taxation and compliance
  • Developing exit strategies
  • Regularly reviewing business goals and performance

Business Improvement

Improving your business requires thorough analysis of where you are currently and the expertise and knowledge to take you to where you want to be.

This means understanding your product/service, being aware of trends in the industry and marketplace, and developing and implementing the right strategies for success.

It also means getting involved. We don’t simply dispense advice, we become part of your management team, helping you implement solutions and strategies, monitoring performance and outcomes, and responding to emerging issues and opportunities.

Business improvement is an ongoing process. Lanteri Partners Group has the range of expertise to help you plan for and achieve better outcomes for your business.

Business Improvement Services include:

  • Helping you understand your business from a different perspective
  • Business analysis and industry benchmarking
  • Strategic goal setting, planning and review
  • Monitoring financial performance
  • Setting and monitoring KPIs
"We don't just dispense advice and do paperwork, we get involved. We help you plan and we help you make those plans happen."

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting makes it easy for you to work in partnership with us to keep your business processes and records up-to-date and to take advantage of ready access to business information.

Cloud accounting benefits include:

  • Ability to track accounts in real time
  • Immediate understanding of cashflow, creditors and debtors
  • Automatic transaction recording, coding and reconciliation
  • Access to helpful business information and resources
  • Streamline business accounts
  • Raise and issue invoices anywhere
  • Access via mobile devices
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Business Establishment

You need more than a great idea to start a business. You need the right corporate and operational structures, you need to comply with Australian licensing, registration and reporting regulations, you need people, money and capital.

Lanteri Partners can help you with all aspects of establishing a business. We have the range of accounting, taxation, legal and corporate skills as well as an in-depth understanding of how to succeed in business. We help you understand all of the issues and opportunities and start off on a solid foundation.

Business establishment services include:

  • Lodge ASIC documents
  • Set up appropriate business structures, such as companies, partnerships, trusts
  • Register companies
  • Establish reporting and governance structures
  • Set up accounting and taxation structures, advising on payroll, superannuation and other business cists
  • Source and secure finance
  • Arrange insurance to protect business assets and people
  • Business planning, implementation and review
  • Explain legal responsibilities and establish a compliance schedule
  • Link to IT, HR and other professional services

Exit Strategies

You work hard establishing, growing and managing a business, so all that hard work should be rewarded when you leave the business. You should be able to realise the value you have worked so hard to create and maintain.

Exit planning is an integral component of every business plan. Managed properly it can mean that your business funds the lifestyle you have dreamt of.

Exit planning can also manage business ownership and management issues and can prepare business partners, staff and families for the future.

Exit services include:

  • Assessing exit options
  • Maximising the value of the business
  • Maximising income from the business
  • Business sale or ownership transfer
  • Taxation planning
  • Succession planning
  • Employee share plans
  • Client and employee retention
"We offer a complete service - from assessing your need for funds to negotiating and effectively structuring your debt and setting up the best possible product for you. We manage the process from start to finish so you do not have to. We make it easy."


Businesses need finance to start, expand and thrive. However, navigating the changing financial landscape and products available to secure the best possible financial solution can be daunting. Our committed and qualified professionals have the experience, expertise and the connections to give you access to financial solutions that meet your needs. We can access finance including commercial and business loans, rural finance, equipment leases and overdraft facilities.

Finance services include:

  • Review your finance need
  • Recommend appropriate and effective finance
  • Negotiate with banks, secure and tailor finance
  • Prepare a comprehensive finance brief
  • Manage the process from settlement to implementation
  • Liaise with financial institutions on your behalf

Business Advisory Consultation

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