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Yorkshire Brewery Progress Update 3

Progress Update 3 – Basement Excavation Construction is well on the way down at Yorkshire Brewery in Collingwood. One crane is up, and there is only a small portion of dirt left to be removed. With the major basement demolition, earthworks and piling completed the basement retention walls are almost finished. Preparation for the level […]

October, 2014
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Yorkshire Brewery Progress Update 2

Progress Update 2 – Pilings With demolition works now completed all attention has turned to the construction of the development. The first step is to construct and excavate the basement which covers most of the site. Two piling rigs were floated onto the site to commence the basement permitter piling which involves drilling out 600-700mm […]

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Trusts 101: What are they, and how do they work?

One of the big motivations for considering using a trust is to protect assets. Property and other assets can be moved into a trust for protection from creditors, to maintain an estate until a beneficiary becomes old enough to have legal possession, or isolate valuable assets from a trading company that may be more exposed […]

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Investing for growth or investing for income?

Every investor goes in with dreams of a pot of gold, but there is a fundamental dichotomy of investor types – one looks to line their pockets with investment returns along the way, and another who is patient to wait until the end of the rainbow to reap the rewards. The distinction between investing for […]

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CGT exemption for two homes

It is generally accepted that an exemption to capital gains tax (CGT) applies to the family home, or “main residence”, and the exemption usually applies for only one home at any given time. But there is a rule that allows for a taxpayer to have two main residences and still maintain that CGT-free status for […]

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