Successful property investment requires an
up-to-date knowledge of the market and
access to specialist real estate, legal,
finance and accounting services.

Property Investment

Property investment can be an effective way to create wealth over the long term. That’s why it is often flagged as an important element in your financial plan.

Investing successfully requires an up-to-date knowledge of the market and access to specialist real estate, legal, finance and accounting services.

Lanteri Partners Group has more than 25 years experience in property investment. We have excellent access to new and proposed developments and can secure favourable terms and pricing.

We offer a complete property investment service that begins with understanding how property investment can help to achieve your goals and covers all aspects of property selection, purchase, finance and management.

Property investment services include:

  • Evaluate property investment as part of your overall financial plan
  • Recommend specific properties and developments based on potential for wealth generation
  • Prepare a comprehensive investment plan
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Arrange finance
  • Legal and conveyancing services
  • Arrange for an external consultant to complete defect inspections
  • Property management, including securing and managing rental contracts
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"Property investment has been a pathway to wealth for countless Australians for many decades. Investment in the right property can be a valuable part of your overall investment portfolio, bringing potential financial benefits through capital growth, rental income and tax minimisation."

Buyers Advocacy

The rewards from property investment will depend on choosing the right property in the right location at the right entry price and time.

Making those choices requires a thorough knowledge of the property market and detailed consideration of issues such as current and forecast property values, rental yields and interest rates; off-the-plan versus established property; vacancy rates; insurance and strata fees; taxation and cash flow implications. It also involves working with real estate agents, developers and financial institutions.

Our Buyers Advocacy Service provides a tailor-made, complete property investment service.


  • Research and sourcing – we do the research on available properties across Melbourne to identify the best options for you – both on and off market.
  • Property inspection – we inspect the property to make sure it is as good as it seems.
  • Property report – we compile a detailed property report and present it to you at the inspection.
  • Your inspection – we arrange for you to inspect the property with us, so you can see the property and ask any questions.
  • Negotiation – we negotiate with real estate agents/developers to secure the property at the right entry price – the key to long-term success.


After purchase:

  • Property managers – we liaise with property managers to ensure smooth transition and discounted management fees.
  • Depreciation Schedule Specialist – we arrange for a specialist to prepare a detailed Deprecation Schedule on your behalf for taxation purposes.
  • Body corporate/developer – we liaise with necessary parties to make a smooth transition from purchasing to owning.

New Developments


Lanteri Partners Group works with property developers to underwrite new developments. We bring developments to our clients before they are released on the market, offering first choice.

Our current portfolio includes properties located in exclusive suburbs and streets, offering access to the city or the beach or parks – or all of the above. Properties are selected for their quality, value and potential. They offer architectural innovation, construction integrity, cutting edge design and lifestyle features and function.


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"We know and continually assess Melbourne's property market to ensure our clients have access to the best investment opportunities"

Accounting & Taxation

Investing in property has taxation implications and opportunities. To manage your taxation effectively, you need to understand the rules around property depreciation, gearing, capital gains, PAYG and more.

Lanteri Partners offers the full range of financial services, so the accounting and taxation implications of property investment are known and highlighted from the outset and then managed effectively.

So you can relax, knowing that all aspects of your investment are considered within your overall financial plans and all accounting and taxation requirements are taken care of.

"We offer a complete service - from assessing your need for funds to negotiating and effectively structuring your debt and setting up the best possible product for you. We manage the process from start to finish so you do not have to. We make it easy."


Lanteri Partners can give you access to appropriate and competitive loans to finance your investment in property. Through our subsidiary, Finance National, you can access the best possible rates and terms. Our finance specialists will liaise with the bank to establish the loan.

Having all financial services linked under the Lanteri umbrella ensures that all opportunities are identified and all finance bases are covered.


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