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September 2021 Newsletter 4256 2832 Website Admin

September 2021 Newsletter

In this issue: How to treat work-related travel and living away from home costs; SMSFs and property development – emerging risks; Claiming GST credits for employee reimbursements; Buying a new house before selling the old one; Trust distributions to non-residents; and ‘Stapling super’ – reducing multiple accounts for employees. Please contact us for clarification, or…

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August 2021 Newsletter 4256 2832 Website Admin

August 2021 Newsletter

In this issue: With reforms to superannuation – including for SMSFs – on the horizon, our leading article covers what’s coming, including more accountability for funds and flexibility for super holders. We’ve got two articles to help you understand how trusts work: ‘Trust distributions’ goes through the different roles involved in a trust, while ‘Trust…

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Client Information Newsletter – July 2021 Lodgment Rates and Thresholds 2021-22 issue 1024 530 Website Admin

Client Information Newsletter – July 2021 Lodgment Rates and Thresholds 2021-22 issue

This guide includes tax rates, including individual minor and non-resident rates, corporate rates, offset limits and benchmarks, rebate levels, allowances, and essential super as well as FBT rates and thresholds (including current grossup factors) and student loan repayment rates. There is also essential Medicare information and foreign currency exchange information. Click here to download the…

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July 2021 Newsletter 4256 2832 Website Admin

July 2021 Newsletter

In this issue: The ATO has seen a lot of mistakes being made on business tax returns over the years, but has kept a record of these so we can all learn from other people’s errors. Laundry expenses can be a legitimate tax deduction, but claims need to follow certain rules, which we sketch out.…

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June 2021 Newsletter 4256 2832 Website Admin

June 2021 Newsletter

In this issue: Cryptocurrencies, once again surging in popularity, have a unique tax treatment that every taxpayer dealing with cryptocurrency should be aware of. The ATO has recently updated its guidance material on the operation of the personal services income (PSI) and personal service business (PSB) rules. When you’re faced with a complex or high-risk…

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Federal Budget Update
2021-22 Federal Budget Update 2298 1726 Website Admin

2021-22 Federal Budget Update

The Government has decided not to go down the austerity path, which will be a relief for many taxpayers and businesses. Click here to download the Federal Budget update Please contact us for clarification, or further advice, regarding any of the topics covered in this newsletter.

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May 2021 Newsletter 4256 2832 Website Admin

May 2021 Newsletter

It’s getting very close to the business end of the financial year, so we have gathered some tax planning tips that could set you up for a better tax outcome. And as that outcome can be ruined by having to deal with an excess super contribution charge, we look at how best to avoid it.…

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What Does The End Of Job Keeper Mean For Small Business? Lanteri Partners

What Does The End Of Job Keeper Mean For Small Business?

written by Michael Lanteri . As much of the world continues to struggle with the impact of lingering second waves and third waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a few things we can be thankful for here in Australia.  Being an island has allowed us to remain largely isolated from the rest of the population,…

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April Newsletter 2021 5017 3345 Website Admin

April Newsletter 2021

It is possible to receive amounts that are not expected by the ATO to be included as income in your tax return. However some of these amounts may be used in other calculations, and may therefore need to be included elsewhere in your tax return. The Australian Government has made changes to the ATO’s insolvency…

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March Newsletter 2021 1000 365 Lanteri Partners

March Newsletter 2021

Government agencies sometimes use ABN registration to contact businesses for emergency help or even grants of support, so it’s important to keep your business’s ABN details current. And the perennial problem of dealing with cash flow gets some advisory help from the ATO. A new Director Identification Number regime is something companies may need to…

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