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February Newsletter 4256 2832 Lanteri Partners

February Newsletter

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December Newsletter 4256 2832 Lanteri Partners

December Newsletter

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November Newsletter 1351 901 Lanteri Partners

November Newsletter

As it’s getting ever closer to the festive end of the year, we thought it prudent to run over the rules regarding Christmas parties and FBT. And borrowing money from a private company, even if it is your own business, can have serious pitfalls if not carried out correctly, so we look at the dangers…

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October Newsletter 1350 900 Lanteri Partners

October Newsletter

There were a couple of housing-based superannuation contribution proposals contained in this year’s Federal Budget, for which draft legislation has finally been tabled. We run over the finer details that have been revealed. And if you or anyone you know has considered driving an Uber car to earn some extra income, we have some essential…

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September Newsletter 1352 900 Lanteri Partners

September Newsletter

The small business CGT concessions can be extremely valuable, but sometimes the complexity of the details can be confusing. We clear up some of the more obscure factors. The rules around LRBAs for SMSF trustees have been fiddled with again, and necessitate (again) a look at the fine print. There is also a new statistical…

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August Newsletter 1350 900 Lanteri Partners

August Newsletter

Making claims for travel allowances is a handy deduction for many employees, especially as the ATO has seen fit to make an exception to substantiate these claims in many circumstances. However this consideration comes with a warning — get it right, or lose that exception. We run over the particulars. Did you know that there…

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July Newsletter 719 860 Lanteri Partners

July Newsletter

The ATO is on the warpath over incorrect deductions that many taxpayers try to claim for holiday rental properties, so we take a look at the issues that have been grinding the taxman’s gears. And if you’re going to soon make an appointment to complete your tax return, we’ve made a general checklist of things…

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May Newsletter – Budget Update 701 876 Lanteri Partners

May Newsletter – Budget Update

The budget announcements contain a suite of tax and superannuation measures aimed at increasing housing stock and improving housing affordability. While the government has not gone close to clamping down on the political and social hot potato of negative gearing, it has taken some steps to restrict the travel expense and depreciation tax breaks enjoyed…

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May Newsletter Lanteri Partners

May Newsletter

There can be capital gains conundrums when sub-dividing the family property, so we run through the typical scenarios to dissect the likely tax outcomes. And another perennial head-scratcher is the deductibility of the interest payable on borrowed funds. A GST exemption is available when a “going concern” business is involved, so we look at the…

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April Newsletter Lanteri Partners

April Newsletter

There’s nothing wrong with sourcing certain business assets through peer-to-peer websites like Gumtree or even a Facebook group. It’s when it comes to substantiating a tax claim that these sorts of transactions can end up being difficult. The ATO’s rules regarding deductions claimed for work clothing, or for laundering clothes, are fairly straight-forward, but there…

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