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Investing for growth or investing for income? Lanteri Partners

Investing for growth or investing for income?

Every investor goes in with dreams of a pot of gold, but there is a fundamental dichotomy of investor types – one looks to line their pockets with investment returns along the way, and another who is patient to wait until the end of the rainbow to reap the rewards. The distinction between investing for…

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CGT exemption for two homes Lanteri Partners

CGT exemption for two homes

It is generally accepted that an exemption to capital gains tax (CGT) applies to the family home, or “main residence”, and the exemption usually applies for only one home at any given time. But there is a rule that allows for a taxpayer to have two main residences and still maintain that CGT-free status for…

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Small business news Lanteri Partners

Small business news

Here’s an overview of the some of the regulatory changes that could impact your business and some warnings from the Tax Office. Rethink your business tax return strategy with the ‘debt levy’ The new ‘debt levy’ will directly hit many small businesses, particularly those that are unincorporated – which comprise up to 70% of small…

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New tax measures kick off 1 July 2014 Lanteri Partners

New tax measures kick off 1 July 2014

From 1 July a number of taxation changes have come into effect. So here’s an overview. Rise in concessional contributions limit The $25,000 concessional contributions cap has been increased to $30,000. The current caps for different ages are as follows: For those aged 59 years or over on 30-06-13: N/A For those aged 49 years…

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Yorkshire Brewery Progress Update 1 150 150 Lanteri Partners

Yorkshire Brewery Progress Update 1

Progress Update 1 – Demolition The site offices were set up with all SMA staff relocated to Collingwood. The 71 ton excavator, or Demolition Rig, one of only two in Australia, was then assembled onsite by 2 cranes. Demolition of the silos commenced shortly thereafter taking approximately 6-8 weeks. In total ten silos tubes, or…

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Lanteri Partners Group Wealth Management Lanteri Partners

Lanteri Partners Group Wealth Management

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