Yorkshire Brewery Progress Update 1

Yorkshire Brewery Progress Update 1

Yorkshire Brewery Progress Update 1 150 150 Lanteri Partners

Progress Update 1 – Demolition

The site offices were set up with all SMA staff relocated to Collingwood. The 71 ton excavator, or Demolition Rig, one of only two in Australia, was then assembled onsite by 2 cranes. Demolition of the silos commenced shortly thereafter taking approximately 6-8 weeks. In total ten silos tubes, or two rows of five, were brought down. Next the remaining stair, as shown in the time-lapse video, had to be demolished manually with hand held concrete saws and then craned down piece by piece. Internal scaffolding was erected inside the Brew tower whilst the attached subsidiary building were removed. This was an arduous process as there was large volumes of asbestos to be removed. Once complete the beautiful and iconic Brew tower was freed up, marking the beginning of its new lease of life. Stand by for further updates…



For more information on this exciting development please contact Nina Mizzi on (03) 9650 3722