Daniele Robineau


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I started accounting after High School in France with most of my working years involving bookkeeping – yes, it’s a passion.

After many years’ of Bookkeeping, I explored other business areas after completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing Management, however my passion never escaped me and I returned to my roots in my new home of Lanteri Partners. After experiences in a Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing Management, I’ve come back to bookkeeping.

One thing that I love about my role is that not only do I play a supportive role to our Senior Accounts, but I also am able to work hands-on with our clients. My love of problem solving and numbers relates to their passion for their business – a very complimentary relationship.

Lanteri Partners are not your usual accounting firm, we put ourselves in our “client’s shoes”. Our strategy is about fixing the lack of understanding across small business’s taxation and accounting.  On the other side, there’s always a Lanteri colleague who can answer questions; from taxation, to business consulting, to investment and superannuation – it’s an enjoyable and very satisfying place to work.

Specialist in:

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