Joseph Lanteri

Group General Manager – Financial Planning & Superannuation

As the General Manager of Financial Planning & Superannuation at Lanteri Partners Group, I interact will all facets of the business, from financial planning and investment through to taxation, accounting and banking.

I work closely with clients, taking them through the financial planning process, analysing their situation, creating and implementing plans and reviewing outcomes.

I believe the financial planning process is journey which needs to be carefully planned, implemented, monitored and reviewed over time.

The key to a successful result is ensuring all parties understand their driving objectives, have realistic expectations, and understand how they can work towards achieving these. For us at Lanteri, we strive to guide our clients alongside them as they progress on their journey, and ensure their individual financial plan is on track to attain their desired outcomes!

It is great to be part of a dynamic, skilled and customer-focused team at Lanteri, and to work with a diverse range of clients to achieve their wealth creation objectives!

Hear from Joseph Lanteri, our Group General Manager of Financial Planning and Superannuation, as he discusses what is the most rewarding parts of his position.

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