Lanteri Partners delivers tailored strategic and honest advice, financial planning and investment opportunities, realising your potential to achieve long term, retirement goals.

Over 26 years, providing complete financial services, we’re one of Melbourne’s most highly regarded and successful, planning and wealth creation companies.


September Newsletter

September Newsletter 4256 2832 David Silke

Property developers often feel the gaze of the ATO on their activities, so we look at what could be getting its attention. Still on residences, we look at some little…

August Newsletter – Lodgement Rates Edition

August Newsletter – Lodgement Rates Edition 4256 2832 David Silke

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August Newsletter

August Newsletter 4256 2832 David Silke

Heading overseas for that trip of a lifetime? There could be a few simple steps you can take to ensure all is in order tax-wise, both while you¹re away and…

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