Private Wealth Management

Your wealth creation will be achieved through a comprehensive private wealth management approach that takes in account, every facet of your financial life.

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Lanteri Partners offer a complete range of financial services for individuals and businesses, provided by our multidisciplinary team of specialists. Unlike many financial planning firms, Lanteri Partners Group is family owned and operated, so our advice is driven by solutions not products. What’s more, we get to know your specific position, requirements and ambitions before developing tailored strategies to get you there.

Financial Planning

“Financial decisions are not just transactions; they are decisions impacting on lives and lifestyles. Our plans are designed from the ground up to reflect your particular circumstances and particular goals.”

Your money should be working for you to meet your financial obligations, needs and goals now and into the future. Financial Planning allows both financial freedom and peace of mind.

Our experts’ collective knowledge of investment, taxation, superannuation, property, accounting and finance ensures every plan is complete, strategic and considers every aspect of your financial future.

Financial planning services include;

  • Strategic financial planning development, implementation and review
  • Taxation and superannuation advice and management
  • Investment advice and management
  • Insurance and protection
  • Debt structure, finance broking and management
  • Retirement and estate planning
Superannuation and Retirement

“Retirement is when you start living. We want you to be ready to enjoy it”

Planning for retirement from your first day of work or throughout your career, superannuation means you’re financially ready for life after work.

Retirement & superannuation planning is integral to your wealth management strategy. We structure, monitor and manage your superannuation savings to suit your circumstances and goals, ensuring the best possible outcome for live in retirement.

Retirement and Superannuation services;

  • Administering and monitoring investment performance
  • Preparing financial statements, tax returns and regulatory reporting
  • Fund auditing
  • Determining contribution timing and amount
  • Salary sacrifice, spouse splitting and co-contribution
  • Taxation structure, tax deductibility and gearing within superannuation
  • Moving assets into superannuation
  • Transfer of superannuation when moving jobs
  • Transition to Retirement Income Streams (TRIS)
  • Managing capital gains

“We know and continually assess Melbourne’s property market to ensure our clients have access to the best investment opportunities”

Property investment is an effective, long term path to create wealth that demands up-to-date market knowledge with specialised real estate, legal, finance and accounting experience. Lanteri Partners Group offers over 26 years.

Property investment services include;

  • Evaluate property investment as part of your overall financial plans
  • Recommend specific properties and developments based on potential for wealth generation
  • Prepare a comprehensive investment plan
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Arrange finance
  • Legal and conveyancing services
  • Arrange for an external consultant to complete defect inspections
Accounting & Taxation

“With ever increasing complexity in laws, practices and standards, the right accounting and taxation advice is vital. Lanteri Partners has it.”

Professional strategic accounting and taxation advice is critical, making the most of your income now and building a foundation for wealth into the future.

Our highly qualified staff focus on your needs, developing effective and compliant tax strategies, preparing returns and reports and keeping relevant documentation to meet critical deadlines.

Accounting and taxation are core competencies. Services include;

  • Preparation of budgets, cash flow statements, management accounting reports
  • Providing advice on accounting software and bookkeeping requirements
  • Personalised and business tax planning and accounting
  • Business structure advice for asset protection
  • Preparation of tax returns for all entities including individuals, trusts, partnerships, companies and superannuation funds
  • Preparation of all BAS, FBT returns and ABN applications
  • Advice for FBT, PAYG, payroll tax, workers compensation and superannuation obligations and requirements
  • Taxation services for expatriates
Shares and Fund Management

“Effective investment portfolios are built on core market understanding: asset classes available, real-time information, analysis, advice and action.”

With forensic knowledge of the investment market… proprietary research tools and risk management processes… and years of industry experience. With investment-specific analysis… real time monitoring… and rapid response to fluctuations. You can trust Lanteri Partners to invest for you.

Shares and Fund Management services include:

  • Meeting with investment managers to establish goals and approach
  • Develop an investment strategy that is part of your overall financial plan
  • Ensure investment is structured effectively for tax and other requirements
  • Manage your superannuation fund assets
  • Regularly review your investments and recommend timely adjustments
  • Manage funds outside of superannuation

“We work for your to find finance affordable and structured to hit your goals. Not products, solutions.”

Accessing finance is key to progressing business and personal goals and building your wealth into the future.

Finance National, a subsidiary of Lanteri Partners Group, has the experience, expertise and connections to your financial solutions. Home, investment and business loans. Commercial, rural, motor vehicle or equipment finance. Our negotiating strength will secure your optimal funding solution.

Personal and business finance services include;

  • Review your financial situation
  • Recommend and secure appropriate and effective finance
  • Prepare a comprehensive finance brief
  • Manage the process from inception to settlement and beyond
  • Monitor and revise debt management as required
  • Liaise with financial institutions on your behalf
Expatriate Services

With Lanteri your financial strategy won’t stop, even you move overseas. All services are continually available to Australians living globally, planning, implementing and managing your finances, without missing new opportunities.

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