Gary and Merryn

‘We don’t make any financial decisions without Lanteri’

Gary and Merryn have consistently enjoyed coming to their appointments throughout the whole ten years they have been with Lanteri Partners. With thanks to the all-encompassing, honest and humble financial advice they have received from Lanteri Partners, Gary and Merryn feel confident and positive for their retirement and future. Although they know they are not Lanteri Partners largest client, Gary and Merryn are made to feel that they hold the same level of importance during every consultation. To hear more about their experience, watch this video.

John and Josie

‘Outstanding, in every way.’

Before John and Josie begun with Lanteri Partners seven years ago, they felt their finances were building up before they knew what to do with them. John and Josie approached Lanteri Partners for expert advice on devising a financial plan that would see them comfortably into their later years. John describes the entire Lanteri experience as outstanding. Josie credits how much Lanteri Partners listened to her and John before crafting a strategy unique to their needs. To hear more about their experience, watch this video.


‘Michaels passion comes through whenever you meet with him’

Jason came to Lanteri Partners for a wealth management strategy over six years ago. He wanted advice on how to manage his money to put his kids through school whilst simultaneously saving to retire comfortably. Throughout the years of receiving passionate and personalised service, Jason feels that his financial needs are approached in a consistently strategic and adaptive manner. Jason also feels that he is a part of the Lanteri Partner family, transcending client status. To hear more about their experience, watch this video.

Ian and Lyn

‘We’re looking forward to retirement’

Ian and Lyn are grateful they started working with Lanteri Partners twenty-seven years ago.  Now they can enter retirement comfortably due to their exposure to financial and investment opportunities they would not have otherwise known existed. Lanteri Partners has been a ‘one-stop-shop’ for Ian and Lyn, offering them a full service of financial advice including superannuation, tax, investments and legal. Now, Ian and Lyn’s son is a client of Lanteri Partners’ too. To hear more about their experience, watch this video.

Corey and Annabel

‘We were not buying into their plans, they were buying into ours.’

Corey and Annabel came to Lanteri Partners for financial guidance, to plan and build wealth for their retirement and beyond. Both Corey and Annabel were grateful that the team at  Lanteri Partners took time to properly explain difficult financial concepts in a way that they could understand, leading them to gain trust, mutual respect and friendship. The financial plan that Lanteri Partners delivered was specifically tailored to the individual needs of Corey and Annabel. To hear more about their experience, watch this video.

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